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High Power Foundation

Intelligent foundation systems for all High Power Chargers

The High Power Charger (HPC) foundation is designed to accommodate all manufactured and bespoke high-power EV charging dispenser units. This system facilitates the use of cables up to 240mm2. It is fully futureproofed to allow for replacements, upgrades and any additions required in the event of damage, advancements in technology and increased demand.

Again, utilising the NAL Retention Socket to allow installation in advance, this solution is provided with a range of adapter plates to accommodate standard and bespoke designs. The relevant adapter plate is then installed within the Retention Socket, and the charging unit is secured to provide easy and improved access to utility cables.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplifies civils installation
  • No lost time incurred waiting for manufacturers specific foundation fixing
  • Allows civils work to be completed without EV charge unit
  • Shallow depth foundation 
  • Footway left safe for public access after civils installation
  • Pedestrian plug avoids disruption to the public or any health and safety implications
  • Simple and improved access to cables
  • Facilitates cables up to 240mm2
  • Future proofs all installations
  • New & upgraded technology can be installed quickly and cost-effectively
  • No requirement for costly excavation work in the event of upgrade or damage and foundations can be installed ahead of time to meet future increased demand

NAL work alongside EV dispenser manufacturers to ensure the optimum solution is reached. If an adapter plate is required for surface mounted charging units, our technical department will liaise with the manufacturers to study the footprint of the charging unit, so the appropriate adapter plate is designed.

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