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Ductile Iron Loop Box

Innovative products for loop installations

The NAL Ductile Iron Loop Box is designed to positively connect inductive loop tails installed in the road surface into a duct at the edge of the carriageway. The Loop Box is manufactured from ductile iron with a one-piece D400 (40T) cover and has four loop tail entry slots to enable connection from all directions. It offers a simple cost-effective solution to traditional installation and maintenance problems associated with inductive loops in the carriageway.

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Product Benefits

  • No need to slot cut through kerb
  • No risk of damage during additional installations
  • D400 one piece non-rocking cover
  • Octagonal shape allows easy core drilling
  • Multi directional access (4 way)
  • Base seal eliminates risk of blockage to ducts
  • Base duct connector for 63mm or 110mm duct


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