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Keep Left Adapter Plate

NAL provides an innovative solution for installing all types of non-illuminated, solar and ELV Flexible bollards. These particular types of bollards are usually located in highly vulnerable locations which are prone to repeated knockdowns. All the bollards are designed to perform well under the impact. However, they can require frequent civil’s removal and replacement due to the failure of their traditional foundation mechanisms. This replacement can be a lengthy, expensive and disruptive process.

With the NAL Retention Socket foundation and Adapter Plate, a bollard can be replaced within minutes simply with a key and spanner, eliminating the need for disruptive and costly traffic management. It also dramatically reduces the maintenance operatives' time in these highly vulnerable areas on the highway network.

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Product Benefits

  • Drastically reduce traffic management costs
  • Reduce maintenance operatives time in high-risk areas
  • Cost-effective solution over traditional foundations
  • Retention Socket allows for future change


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