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Combined Cabinet Base

Innovative solutions for highway cabling

The Combined Cabinet Base is a patented system designed to simplify the installation, cabling, and maintenance of all ICEE Combined Communication Cabinets.

A single ICEE Combined Cabinet provides the equivalent equipment space to three 600 type and one 609 type cabinets. This offers a significant reduction in the required cabinet footprint, making it ideal for sites with verge restrictions. The system is available for single or multiple cabinet sites.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases incoming duct capacity by up to 400%
  • Simple horizontal duct connection from all directions
  • Eliminates the requirement to bend incoming ducts vertically
  • No requirement for specialist lifting equipment
  • Lightweight, adaptable, structural access chamber enables simple installation in congested sites
  • Removes the requirement for additional access chamber in front of the cabinet
  • Reduces installation time by up to 50%
  • Separates civils and cabling works
  • Enables traffic management removal and public access on completion of civils works
  • Eliminates the requirement for base seal, pea gravel, clay balls etc.
  • Removes the requirement for duct bungs
  • Provides IP66/67 seal to incoming cables
  • Removes cable snagging points
  • Simplifes cable installation
  • Reduces risk of cable theft during installation
  • Installation time reduced by up to 50%
  • Improved working height for installation and maintenance engineers
  • Eliminates risk of underground gas build-up
  • Removes risk of condensation to cabinets
  • Gland trays provide over 25% spare capacity
  • Simple addition or removal of future cables in a fraction of the time and cost over traditional installations
  • Allows simple upgrade to plug and play system
  • Eliminates the risk of flooding to cabinets
  • Removes chances of rodent infestation

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