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SIS Quad

Electrical Disconnection Systems

SIS Quad is an electrical isolation system specifically for traffic signal installations. It provides four channels of monitoring allowing isolation to four separate structures. Each signal pole is fitted with a small sensor that, in the event of impact, communicates with the monitor board triggering complete LV and ELV isolation within 0.2 seconds.

Mounted on a standard 3U rack within a traffic signal control cabinet, the monitor board is fully compliant with EN12767:2007 (Electrical Isolation of Passively Safe Structures) and can be used with any type of passively safe column.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully compliant with EN12767:2007
  • Successfully tested at MIRA
  • Disconnection time officially proven with timing device
  • Suitable for use with NE, LE and HE Passively safe columns
  • Appropriate for use in non-passive columns
  • Wide range of above and below ground systems available to suit all site conditions
  • Designed and built to your specification
  • Simple installation onto din rail or 3U rack
  • Design layout drawings and specifications provided
  • Provides isolation of individual structures or circuits
  • Installation simple to test and prove prior to commissioning
  • Guaranteed electrical isolation of all volts within 0.2 seconds of impact
  • System can operate with impact sensor located 3km from SIS monitor board
  • Guaranteed isolation of all VOLTS even if the the structure has not detached from its base
  • Isolates all volts even if Impact Sensor is destroyed
  • Automatic restart and recheck after power failure
  • Provides fault outputs for impact, voltage drop and other potential maintenance issues
  • Impact sensors easily replaced after impact
  • Simple means of re-energising circuit while the impacted structure remains isolated
  • Fault outputs can be connected to CMS or RMS systems
  • Enables simple isolation of individual column for maintenance works
  • Simple to test periodically

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