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The Weebol is a robust, reflective, flexible bollard – manufactured in tough MDPE – which fits directly into a Retention Socket, without the need for a separate adapter plate. It utilises a unique flexible base which is designed to withstand multiple impacts without breaking or fracturing. Reflective panels are recessed to limit surface damage in the event of severe impact. The Retention Socket allows easy removal for maintenance or replacement if required.

All Weebol Bollards are supplied with square anti-twist Retention Sockets which enables all civils works to be carried out prior to bollard installation. Weebol bollards can be installed and/or removed within minutes when required by authorised personnel with a key and a spanner. This system offers local authorities a maintenance free solution as it is designed to withstand multiple vehicular impacts which combined with the cost saving on no energy consumption offers local authorities both immediate and ongoing long term cost savings.

Product Benefits

  • Tough one-piece moulded construction
  • Simple installation of socket prior to bollard fitting
  • Anti-twist design
  • Retention Socket ensures fast and easy removal/replacement
  • Rebated panels provide protection to the reflective material
  • Flexible during installation
  • No power requirement
  • Withstands multiple impacts

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