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X-Last Standard

Cycle Revolution | A38, Birmingham

As part of Birmingham City Councils Cycle Revolution scheme, new cycle routes have been established on the A38 New Town Row/High Street and the A38 Bristol Road/Bristol Street corridors.  

These distinct, blue surfaced routes provide cyclists with a wide, 2-way lane. To aid the segregation of the two lanes the customer required a passively safe bollard to increase the safety of cyclists and so opted for the X-Last Nuvo Sign bollard.

The client recognised the benefits of the unique X-Last material. The bollards are tested to HIC (Head Injury Criterion) with results demonstrating a HIC value of just 529, meaning in the event of a collision a cyclist should sustain only minor injuries. To put this into context a collision with a steel bollard has a HIC value of 3500, which can cause irreversible injury.

Furthermore, the X-Last are one of the most robust bollards available, sustaining even the most severe vehicular impacts with the ability to rebound back to its original form within 30 minutes of a crash. Stringent testing has shown the bollards can withstand over 1000 repeated impacts without losing strength making them virtually maintenance free.

In addition, the client wanted the option to remove the bollards when required, for instance when extra space is needed for a wide load passing through or during public events such as the Great Birmingham Run. The NAL Composite Socket enables the rapid installation and removal of the X-Last. The bollard is locked in the socket with a steel pin which is secured within the side chamber with an M8 stainless steel T-key fixing, preventing unauthorised access. Composite Sockets are also available with 50mm duct entry access when illuminated X-Last bollards are installed.


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