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Street Lighting

Supporting the industry with shallow-depth, impact-resistant foundations to streamline maintenance and accelerate installations.

Revolutionising installation and maintenance processes, NAL’s patented range of solutions have been developed to secure all types of illuminated and non-illuminated street furniture. With shallow depth options available to afford an overall planting depth of 200-300mm, installation times are reduced by up to 50%, and all systems facilitate civils work completion, before the delivery of street furniture and allow for orientation changes once installed.    Manufactured to withstand unlimited impacts of any force, should any application incur damage due to collision, foundations are re-utilised and are fully future-proofed to accommodate upgrades. Subsequently, maintenance times are significantly reduced along with expenditure, as furniture is quickly removed and replaced with a key and spanner without requiring additional and costly excavation.

Application Examples

Street Lighting Columns

Electrical Isolation

Street Lighting Brochure


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