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Retention Sockets

Riverside Street Lighting | Dundee

During the redevelopment of Riverside Drive in Dundee the local authority chose the NAL Retention Socket for the installation of new aluminum lighting columns along the sea front. Both Duckfoot Bend and Tee Bend bases were installed.

Due to the challenging nature of the site location NAL designed a narrow foundation at a reduced installation depth in relation to the columns position between a sea wall and the carriageway. Retention Sockets at 600mm depth were then installed enabling the column locations to be retained.

Installing NAL Retention Sockets allows for all civils works to be completed prior to the installation of the lighting columns avoiding on-site damage. The Tee Bend base was especially well suited for cabling the series columns along the sea front. Columns may be replaced more frequently due to accelerated corrosion from the sea water, however the Retention Socket simplifies the replacement process by removing the need to further civils work.



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