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Shallow Foundation

Intelligent foundation systems for illuminated post installations

The NAL Shallow Foundation (or “Bridge Deck") Retention Socket system is part of a range of fittings designed to secure all types of illuminated and non-illuminated street furniture which are being installed in locations with restricted depth. The product enables easy removal of the furniture after impact simply with a key and a spanner.

All Retention Sockets are manufactured in cast steel or ductile iron and galvanised. A stainless steel locking mechanism located in the side chamber secures the street furniture in place. The Shallow Foundation Retention Socket is manufactured with a strengthening plate, and four bottom entry cable and duct access points. These Retention Systems are suitable for both illuminated and non-illuminated street furniture which are being installed in sites with severe depth restrictions, such as on top of bridge membranes, cellars, existing utility ducts/pipes, archaeology interests and your specific application.

Foundation Design Form
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Features & Benefits

  • Ability to be installed in shallow depth
  • Foundation design service to BS EN40 and BS EN12899 and the requirements of CD354
  • Enables civils works to be completed without street furniture
  • Four bottom cable/duct entry points allow easier cabling works at ground level
  • Withstands unlimited impacts of any force
  • Eliminates civils works on replacement of knockdowns
  • Minimises disruption and traffic management costs during replacement
  • Maintenance works can be carried out in a controlled environment
  • Simplifies the erection and removal of seasonal street furniture
  • Allows public areas to be cleared for events
  • New & upgraded technology can be installed quickly and cost effectively
  • Simplifies the works involved with wide loads
  • Increases the life expectancy of the street furniture in the Retention Sockets
  • 100 years life expectancy allows for 4 street furniture life cycles
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Street lighting columns
  • EV chargers
  • Information totems
  • Bus time tables

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