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Rapid Charger Foundation

On-street Charger | South East London

Transport for London (TfL) has invested in EV charging infrastructure to support the UK government goal of cutting 68% of UK green house gas emissions by 2030.

The implementation of EV infrastructure aims to encourage the transition of motorists to move to using electrical motors. However, this rapidly evolving technology could potentially prove costly to many local authorities as they try to make their towns and cities cleaner. NAL have significant experience in providing solutions that future proof changing technologies and developed the Universal EV Charger Foundation to accommodate changing EV technologies.

The system is composed of an NAL Shallow Foundation Retention Socket, which is ideal for installing around existing underground services. Another advantage is that the Retention Socket and ducting can be installed and left sealed with a pedestrian plug until the expensive EV charger unit is available for installation at a later date. The second component of the system, the Adapter Plate, is secured into the Retention Socket on the day of the charger unit installation. The Adapter Plate corresponds with the unit manufacturer, in this case, BP Pulse.

Once the Adapter Plate is secured and the power cable is positioned in the Retention Socket the charger unit is lowered by HIAB onto the plate. Locating pins screwed to the Adapter Plate assist in aligning the plate to the charger unit. These pins are then removed and 4 M12 set screws secure the system in place, ready for electrical connection.

Reboundable X-Last bollards installed in composite sockets accompany the system to provide protection to the unit and can be demounted at any time if required.



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