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Temporary Foundation

Lambeth Redevelopment | London

During the redevelopment of the A302, Addington Street, London, the street lighting columns needed to be removed at the start of the project and new columns and LED lanterns installed during the finishing works.

The project required temporary street lighting for the project duration. As it was a residential area, the traditional generator operated spot lights could not be utilised as they produce high noise levels.

The contractor chose the NAL Temporary Foundation system. NAL designed a structural foundation which used the original street lighting columns. The units were manufactured with NAL Retention Sockets located centrally, certified lifting points, forklift voids, and cable entry points at base level. This allowed the foundations to be surfaced mounted around the site and the old columns and lanterns installed and secured into the Retention Socket within the foundation. All cables were accessed from ground level ensuring there were no exposed cables or trip hazards.

The system provided lighting for the entire project without any noise pollution and proved very cost effective. Once the project was completed the columns were simply removed and the foundations were stacked and stored ready to be reused on the next scheme.



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