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Retention Sockets, Feeder Pillar

Bespoke Lighting Columns | London

Several NAL products have been installed to aid the installation of a number of decorative street lighting columns within the busy Piccadilly Circus area.  

Due to the unique dimensions of the columns, NAL supplied a bespoke Retention Socket manufactured exclusively for this application.

The client recognised the benefits of specifying the NAL Retention Socket, such as future- proofing against vehicular impacts, which is a likely occurrence given the high number of delivery vehicles parking outside the shop fronts. If a column is struck and needs to be removed it can be done so quickly, causing minimal disruption to the public while incurring no future civils expenses. Aside from vehicular impacts the socket also assists in routine maintenance, allowing the columns to be removed at any time. Should the column need to be taken off-site the socket can be capped off with a pedestrian plug, maintaining a safe foot-way for pedestrians.

The client utilised the NAL Spigotted Feeder Pillar system which enables pillars to be installed in NAL Retention Sockets, allowing all civils works to be completed prior to the electrical installation. This pillar was installed with a Retention Socket Reducer as the diameter of the socket was too large for the Feeder Pillar spigot. This scenario can occur when a Retention Socket has been previously installed for a larger application which is no longer required. By installing a Reducer, the socket can be adapted to suit a new application.



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