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Retention Sockets

Signage and Bollards | Tenbury Wells

NAL has worked alongside Worcestershire County Council to offer solutions surrounding the installation and maintenance of numerous steel bollards and non-illuminated highway signage poles which are situated within the picturesque market town of Tenbury Wells.  

Attracting a large amount of visitors, the narrow carriageways are subjected to heavy traffic, navigation of which often results in vehicle collisions with these posts and bollards; placed to prevent motorists mounting the pavements.

In a concerted effort to dramatically reduce costs associated with repairs and replacements, Worcestershire County Council opted to take advantage of and install, bollards and highway signage poles within NAL Non-Illuminated Retention Sockets, due to the swift and easy removal they afford. In the event of any damage a specialist key, held by authorised personnel, is used to unlock the lid of the socket side chamber, exposing the retaining bolts, which secure applications into position. With a spanner, bolts are then loosened to release the post or bollard from the socket. Upon removal, furniture can be replaced quickly and easily or, if an immediate replacement is unavailable, the socket can be sealed with a pedestrian plug to eradicate any trip hazards to pedestrians.

As a direct result of installing applications within NAL Retention Sockets, Worcestershire County Council has removed the requirement for disruptive excavation work in the event of collision, minimising the impact this would have historically caused to motorists and pedestrians and any cost implications incurred. Maintenance costs have significantly reduced, with engineers typically spending less time on site, allowing allocation of savings to alternative projects and schemes.



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