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Retention Sockets

Street Furniture | Loughborough

Charnwood Borough Council have utilised the NAL Retention Socket system in Loughborough market for the installation of an array of street furniture applications including cycle hoops, benches, litter bins and signage. The client sought a solution to making street furniture demountable in order to clear space for regular events and markets.  

Traditional street furniture installations are a permanent concrete instatement which does not allow removal. This not only makes event planning and set up difficult for organisers but can also make navigating a busy high street problematic and dangerous for the public during an event.

All the street furniture in Retention Sockets are fully demountable making them easy to remove with a specialist key and spanner. Large areas are now cleared efficiently and quickly causing minimal disruption to the public. When the sockets are not in use a flush fitting pedestrian plug is secured in place leaving the area free of trip hazards. Once an event has concluded furniture is re-established and regular operation can continue. By using the NAL demountable system the local authority can add and remove any type of street furniture for any event, or maintenance and repair work.



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