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Relieving Congestion | Worcester

To meet strict financial and time constraints and coupled with improved future maintenance requirements, Worcestershire County Council specified a range of innovative NAL traffic signal systems to support redevelopment on the A44, in the St Johns area of Worcester, as part of the ‘Relieving Congestion’ Programme.  

The client specified NAL Controller Cabinet Bases (CCB) to facilitate modifications required and to replace cabinets installed via traditional methods, at two traffic signal junctions.  Selection was attributable to the benefits the CCB provides being a rapid and cost effective installation (when compared to historical processes) with improved access to cables via an above ground access door therefore enabling a simplified cabling and maintenance process. 

Relocated traffic signal poles were installed within NAL Retention Sockets with a Duckfoot Bend Base, the rotation of which allows for cabling from any direction to accommodate restrictive site conditions. As the socket can be specified to the required depth, or adapted on site, the client was able to overcome depth constraints. In the event of a vehicular impact, a simple removal of signal poles from the socket, along with a subsequent replacement installation, is afforded without the need for additional civils work - significantly reducing future cost implications.

NAL STAKKAbox Modula Access Chambers were selected to alleviate costs surrounding future maintenance and those associated with traditional liner chambers. With no requirement for skilled labour and renowned for its superior strength and rapid installation, strict time and budget constraints were adhered to.



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