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Retention Sockets, Weebol

Relieving Congestion | A44, Worcester

To help facilitate the ‘Relieving Congestion’ Programme, NAL has assisted Worcestershire County Council in the major redevelopment of two signalised junctions on the A44 in the St Johns area of Worcester.  

With cost implications, longevity and future maintenance requirements as paramount considerations, the client specified a range of innovative NAL systems to support the necessary improvements. 

In the re-design of pedestrian crossings, including signalised crossings and refuge islands, Worcestershire County Council opted to replace out-dated ‘keep left’ bollards featuring LED up-lighter fittings, with non-illuminated Weebol bollards – manufactured by Simmonsigns.

To enhance its strength and longevity, Simmonsigns collaborated with NAL to produce and supply a Weebol with a spigot; to facilitate the bollard’s installation within a RS50X50 NAL Retention Socket. Upon the completion of civils works, the Weebol is inserted into the socket, and locked into place to guarantee the most cost effective and maintenance free system available to all local authorities.

In addition, the client selected NAL RS89 Non-Illuminated Retention Sockets as the optimum method to house cast-steel bollards near kerb lines; to prevent vehicles entering prohibited pedestrian areas. The socket allows for a swift and simple removal in the event of collisions and subsequent replacements require no additional civils work (guaranteeing a significant cost saving in terms of maintenance and time) with minimal disruption to motorists and pedestrians. Should an immediate replacement be unavailable, the damaged bollard is removed and the socket is safely closed off with a pedestrian plug, leaving the pavement free of trip hazards to eliminate potential Health and Safety concerns.



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