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T Junction | B768 , Glasgow

Glasgow City Council have invested in a range of NAL Ltd traffic signal products which have been installed at a T-junction on the B768.  

The local authority recognised the benefits of specifying NAL products at this location to futureproof against inevitable damage caused by vehicular collisions. All traffic signal poles at this site are now fully demountable due to being installed in NAL Retention Sockets. Traditionally, a knocked down traffic signal pole incurs a slow, disruptive and costly process to replace, which includes establishing traffic management systems, excavating the site casting in the replacement pole as well re-cabling which can cause disputes amongst civils and electrical contractors. However, by installing the Retention Socket it removes any future requirement for civils works during a pole replacement.

Access chambers were also upgraded, to the STAKKAbox™ Modula. Specified throughout the UK’s local authorities, the STAKKAbox™ range is well known for their superior strength compared to traditional liner chambers. Due the modular construction they boast a fast installation time requiring no skilled labour or concrete surround. With a vertical loading of 40 tonnes and resistance to ground heave makes the STAKKAbox™ Modula the most durable chamber available, which in turn protects maintenance budgets.

With future maintenance in mind the client installed the sites controller cabinet upon a NAL Controller Cabinet Base. With no requirement for base seal the process of replacing or adding cables is simplified. Underground cables are easily accessible via the access door, allowing traffic signal engineers to reach down into the STAKKAbox™ chamber below (upon which the Cabinet Base sits) to pull cables through. The cables are then fed through the gland tray and up into the controller cabinet above. 

Additionally, NAL Cycle Signal Poles were installed to assist in the maintenance of cycle signals located at the site. This product features a low-level access point for the NAL Termination Enclosure which enables maintenance work to be carried out safely at ground level. The pole also features a vented top cap, enabling a constant air flow within the pole to vent a build-up of underground gases.


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