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MULTIduct™, Retention Socket, Cabinet Base

Overbridge Refurbishment, M1

AMEY TECHMAC North East employed various NAL infrastructure products at a traffic signal site on an overbridge along the M1 motorway near Barnsley.

The utilised solutions encompassed the NAL Retention Socket and Cabinet Base, STAKKAbox™ access chambers, and the MULTIduct™ cable protection system. Due to the necessity of running cabling across the bridge and the structural limitations regarding the depth for installing a 110mm duct, the decision was made to opt for the 2-way MULTIduct™ securely bolted to the footway. This solution ensures the protection of cables against theft or vandalism, while the installation poses no risk to the waterproof membrane of the bridge.

The system is seamlessly installed along the entire length of the bridge and then directed underground to the STAKKAbox access chambers, which facilitates direct cabling connections to the site's traffic signal poles and controller cabinet.

The signal poles are housed in NAL Retention Sockets, which are positively ducted to the STAKKAbox via the duck foot bend base, simplifying the cabling process while enabling a swift removal of the poles in case of a knockdown or upgrading.

The controller cabinet is also installed upon a NAL Cabinet Base to facilitate the cabinet's cabling and the signal poles. The cabinet base plinth sits upon its own STAKKAbox chamber and, like the Retention Socket, is positively ducted to the access chamber network, creating a seamless, fully ducted traffic signal site.


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