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EV Cabinet Base

Innovative solutions for EV dispenser cabling

A modular solution, where one chamber provides a secure foundation for singular and multiple cabinets of varying specifications. Universal in its design, to accommodate all EV charging cabinets, the NAL EV Charging Base System facilitates an improved civils installation and cabling process. It allows for both phases to be undertaken separately.

Fully future-proofed, this versatile system will accommodate upgrades; whilst providing improved accessibility to equipment and cable for ongoing maintenance requirements.

Features & Benefits

The STAKKAbox Ultima Connect Access Chamber provides the system with a positively ducted base and modules for each cabinet positioned, bolted and secured to the top of the STAKKAbox.

Modules provide an area to place applications, including transformers and power/ communications cabinets. A second area is positioned in front of the cabinet - allocated for a composite access  cover - to facilitate superior access to cables and equipment.

  • Increases incoming duct capacity by up to 400%
  • Simple horizontal duct connection from all directions
  • Eliminates the requirement to bend incoming ducts vertically
  • No need for specialist lifting equipment
  • Lightweight, adaptable, structural access chamber enables simple installation in congested sites
  • Removes the requirement for an additional access chamber in front of the cabinet
  • Reduces installation time by up to 80%
  • Separates civils and cabling works
  • Enables traffic management removal and public access on completion of civils works
  • Eliminates the requirement for base seal
  • Removes cable snagging points
  • Simplifies cable installation
  • Reduces risk of cable theft during installation
  • Installation time reduced by up to 50%
  • Improved working height for installation and maintenance engineers
  • Removes risk of condensation to cabinets
  • Simple addition or removal of future cables in a fraction of the time and cost over traditional installations
  • Allows simple upgrade to plug and play system
  • Removes risks of rodent infestations


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