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EV Bay, Tot Hill Motorway Services

NAL has worked with a Design Consultant and Forecourt Contractor, to assist in their installation of EV charging facilities and with future maintenance requirements thereafter. These facilities have been constructed in addition to the existing Shell filling station, at Tot Hill Services on the A34.

Identifying a wealth of benefits, the clients selected the NAL Universal EV Foundation as the optimum system for the installation of a large number of rapid charger units. Integrated with the NAL Shallow Foundation Retention Socket, the system provides a 4-way duct entry point for multi directional cabling and is positively connected to the ducting network, simplifying cabling, post civils installation.

The electrical phase can begin once civils work is complete, guaranteeing no lost time due to conflicting schedules and the coordinating of contractors. During this phase, spigotted adapter plates unique to the EV dispenser unit, are placed inside the Retention Socket and secured with 2 retaining bolts. Cables can then be retrieved through the ducting, up through the Retention Socket and left within the spigot of the adapter plate, affording easy access and a simplified connection to the charger.

This future proof system allows for a swift and easy replacement, should faster units become available as technology evolves and eradicates the need for further disruptive and costly civils work. In this instance, to account for future capacity and to meet increased demand, additional Universal EV-Charger Foundations have been installed, for utilisation at a later date, to avoid further excavation works and potential damage to existing and highly expensive units.


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