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HPC Foundation

EV Bay | Nunnery Park, Worcester

Four NAL High Power Charger Foundations have been selected to install one high power EV charger and three rapid EV charger dispenser units, within an existing forecourt, situated in Worcester.

Designed to accommodate all manufactured and bespoke high power dispenser units; the NAL Foundation System is modular in its design and combines the NAL STAKKAbox Modula Access Chamber with the NAL RS219 Retention Socket, in order to provide unrivalled flexibility, when accommodating the bend radius of large power cables.

Civils works were completed prior to the installation of EV dispensers, as the system allows for cables to be pulled through ducting and stored within the Retention Socket. If required, foundations can therefore be installed, and utilised when future demand dictates and, in this instance, eradicated any issues associated with conflicting time schedules.

Specified initially, to improve the installation and cabling process, systems are also fully futureproofed to allow for technological advancements and replacements.  With increased demand inevitable, the NAL High Power Charger Foundation will facilitate the upgrading of the rapid dispenser units, installed upon the forecourt, without any further civils work.



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