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On-street Charging | Coventry

To meet the ever-growing requirement for on street EV charging points, several chargers were installed in a residential area of Coventry. NAL Retention Sockets with Duckfoot Bends and Tee Bends were installed beforehand to simplify the installation and cabling of the EV chargers.

One benefit of installing the EV chargers in Retention Sockets meant the civils work could be planned and completed prior to the EV chargers being delivered to site, reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, the use of the Retention Socket enables civil and electrical installations to be completed separately, avoiding any possible disputes between contractors.

Furthermore, the Duckfoot Bend provides a full 360-degree rotation for multi-directional cabling and the Tee Bend simplifies the cabling of multiple chargers in sequence, as was the case with this implementation. As EV charging technology continues to improve, the universal foundation of the Retention Socket offers the flexibility to suit any EV unit in the future.



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