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Rapid Charger Foundation

EV Hub | Glass Yard, Woolwich

Providing motorists with eight charging points for electric vehicles, Glass Yard EV charging hub is the second of five rapid charging facilities, developed by TFL for the ‘Go Ultra Low Cities’ scheme.

Capable of charging vehicles within 20-30 minutes, to allow for optimum usage, TFL have opted to install charger units within NAL’s Rapid Charger Foundations -attributable to the benefits afforded.

This unique and innovative system delivers a universal foundation for all manufacturers of EV rapid charge units and incorporates the NAL Retention Socket. Available with a range of adapter plates to fit bespoke designs, the foundation can be installed at civils stage prior to the delivery of units, enabling cabling to be established and then sealed within the Retention Socket until ready for utilisation. Sockets are then closed with a pedestrian plug to ensure footways remain free of trip hazards and open to the public.  

The foundation is fully future-proofed to allow for upgrades to keep pace with evolving technology and allows for fast and straightforward replacements, all whilst providing an improved civils installation and cabling process.  

With the third charging facility at Baynard House, currently under construction, NAL will continue in our provision of solutions and support TFL in subsequent phases, located in north and west London.


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