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Rapid Charger Foundation

On-street Charger | Southwark, London

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, the demand for EV charging points is rising and TFL are working on the infrastructure required for making these accessible to the public. 

NAL have developed a universal foundation system which simplifies and future-proofs the installation of EV rapid charge units, which were used in this installation in Southwark.

The system consists of the NAL RS168 Shallow Foundation Retention Socket, allowing civils works to be completed without the need for the EV unit to be on site. Accompanying the socket are two ‘impactable ‘ X-Last Capital bollards which are installed in NAL Composite Sockets, providing protection to the EV unit, with no earthing requirement.

When the unit is ready for installation the appropriate adapter plate (in this case, Chargemaster) is installed and secured directly into the Retention Socket. With the adapter plate in place the cables are accessed with ease and the Rapid Chargemaster unit is lowered directly on top of the plate and bolted down. This system future-proofs the installation as it enables a simple change of units as the rapid charge technology improves.



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