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Gateway Cafe, Cirencester

EV charging points were installed in a car park at the Gateway Cafe in Cirencester. A range of NAL systems were used to support the integration of EV infrastructure.

Considering this specification, the NAL EV Cabinet Base system was the ideal solution for installing the site cabinets. The site included a Schneider LV feeder pillar, a single Kempower power cabinet for powering the two high-power dispensers, and a single fast charger dispenser. These cabinets were surface mounted to their respective cabinet base modules, specifically designed to accommodate the cabinet’s requirements.

The power cabinet base has a second vacant module space, sealed with a blanking plate. Should the site ever require additional high-power dispensers, the blanking plate can be removed, enabling a simple installation of a second Kempower cabinet.

The steel modules for both bases feature composite covers, providing clear access to cables within the STAKKAbox Ultima Connect access chambers below. These chambers are positively ducted for seamless cabling between cabinets and the EV dispenser units.

The dispenser units were installed in NAL Universal EV Foundations. The single Alphen AC dispenser was specifically established within a NAL Fast Charger Foundation, comprising an RS115 Duckfoot Bend Retention Socket. The swivel base of this socket rotates a full 360 degrees and accepts standard 100mm ID ducting, which is positively connected to the EV Cabinet Base.

Once the civil installation is complete, the dispenser is installed in the socket via an Adapter Plate. These plates are specifically designed to match the footprint of their respective dispensers. With the plate locked into the socket, the dispenser is secured to the surface of the adapter plate.

The two additional dispensers, Kempower satellite high-power chargers, were installed within NAL High-Power Charger Foundations. This foundation comprises a larger RS219 Retention Socket head mounted to a 600-square STAKKAbox Modula access chamber. This system provides the space required to accommodate the larger bending radius associated with high-power dispensers.

As with all NAL Universal Foundations the system is positively ducted to the EV Cabinet Base to simplify the cabling process. Cables are pulled in advance of the arrival of the dispensers, reducing the risk of damage to dispensers on-site.

X-Last Nuvo Sign bollards were installed to offer further protection to the dispensers. These high-strength, flexible bollards prevent parking vehicles from damaging the expensive dispenser units and rebound to their original form within minutes of impact. The bollards were installed in NAL Composite Sockets, designed to house X-Last bollards. The socket enables the simple removal of the bollards when required, such as dispenser maintenance and removal.

Additionally, the sign face of the Nuvo Sign is transparent to enable illumination via the LED up-lighter located at the base of the Composite Socket. During the civil installation, the composite sockets were drilled to accept the ducting required for looping each illuminated bollard.

The project was delivered on time using the wide range of NAL systems, which ensured there were no conflicting schedules between civil and electrical contractors.


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