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Clackett Lane Services, Roadchef

The Clacket Lane Service Station, located between junctions 5 and 6 on the M25 has, like many locations across the Roadchef network, been upgrading its EV charging provisions alongside their partners, Charge Point Operators Gridserve.

Since 2023, Clacket Lane has undergone an upgrade program, transitioning from 50kW chargers to cuttingedge 350kW high-power charging dispensers. Such upgrades typically necessitate extensive civil works to establish the infrastructure required to accept these powerful dispensers, but it doesn’t always have to.

Gridserve opted to select NAL's Universal EV Foundations, designed to accept all EV dispensers and enable seamless future upgrades when required. Once the NAL foundations are installed, there is no need for further civil works, making the upgrading process far more streamlined and efficient.

Based on the Clackett Lane specifications, High Power Charger Foundations featuring an RS219 Retention Socket were installed. An Adapter Plate corresponding to the footprint of the dispenser is secured into the Retention Socket; in turn, the dispenser is bolted to the surface of the plate. When it’s time to upgrade, the old dispensers and plates are easily removed, leaving the foundations ready to accept the new equipment.

Furthermore, the site's furniture is also installed in Retention Sockets. In the event of an impact, damaged bollards or signposts can be swiftly released from their sockets and safely capped until replacement furniture becomes available. Additionally, furniture can also be removed to create space when removing and installing dispensers.

By specifying NAL EV infrastructure solutions, Roadchef service stations are future-proofed against the transition of rapidly evolving EV charging technology.


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