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Installation Training

Free on-site training is provided to educate attendees on the best practice for installation and future maintenance of their chosen NAL system.

A member of our technical team will visit your site and work with operatives involved in installing a NAL product. This ‘hands-on training approach will guarantee products are installed correctly and substantially reduce the risk of sub-standard installations. Site personnel will also witness demonstrations surrounding product maintenance and removal in the event of a collision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should attend installation training?

    Relevant for Site and Maintenance Operatives, Engineers and Contracts Managers who may be unfamiliar with the NAL product due to be installed.  Essential for anyone involved in the installation of a NAL product and any maintenance personnel who have our products installed on their network. 

  • Why should I attend?

    To gain a greater understanding of how products should be utilised to guarantee optimal usage and to determine how to maintain products to ensure longevity.


    Our technical expert will ensure a best practice, faultless installation takes place. Through their demonstration, those in attendance will gain the necessary transferable skills which will remain relevant for installations in future projects and schemes.

  • When are installation training sessions held?

    At a time and date of your choice, ideally at the point of installation.  We are flexible to attend at any time to suit and understand works may have to be carried out in the early hours, late at night or during weekends to minimise disruption.

  • Where are sessions held?

    Onsite, where possible.  In the event we are unable to provide training on site due to restrictions or site constraints, delegates are able to attend Installation Training at our National Infrastructure Centre based in Worcester, free of charge.

  • How do I book?

    Contact us via one of the following methods to book a free Installation Training session:-

    Call our sales team on  +441905 427100



Other Training

Systems & Solutions Training

Held at our National Infrastructure Centre, Worcester, attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of our innovative solutions and witness live demonstrations.


Our webinars offer delegates a greater understanding of the solutions available to support existing and future infrastructure projects via Zoom.

Lunch & Learn

We provide presentations and offer live product demonstrations at your office. We also provide you lunch as part of the package.

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