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Kight Off-Grid and NAL Connect

Illuminating the Future with State-of-the-Art Off-Grid Street Lighting

Kight Off-Grid has joined forces with NAL, the leading provider of underground infrastructure for street lighting and street furniture, to unveil a cutting-edge off-grid street lighting system.

This solution provides a sustainable and future-proof lighting solution by installing Kight's off-grid lighting innovation with NAL's renowned retention socket system.

NAL, based in Worcester, is known for its underground infrastructure, particularly its retention sockets that have transformed the installation of lighting columns. The sockets allow for swift installation and removal/replacement of lighting fixtures, enabling groundworks to occur before lamp post delivery and facilitating the temporary removal of street furniture for events.

Kight specialises in off-grid lighting solutions, including 100% wind- and solar-powered streetlights and sign lighting. The synergy between Kight and NAL is evident in their complementary products, creating a comprehensive and environmentally friendly street lighting and sign lighting system for local authorities.

The off-grid nature of Kight's streetlights eliminates the need for mains connection works. Combined with NAL's retention socket system, this results in faster installation and significantly reduced excavation works, as there is no requirement for underground cabling infrastructure. The collaboration is especially beneficial in vulnerable locations such as roundabouts, where the speedy installation and replacement process enhances the safety of operations and reduces impact on traffic.

A range of Kight’s lighting solutions have been installed in a dedicated demonstration area at NAL's headquarters in Worcester:

  • KV-2 off-grid street lighting column
  • KV-5 multi-point sign lighting solution, designed to make roundabouts and traffic islands autonomous
  • KV-6 temporary column lighting solution, ideal for roadwork lighting and other temporary lighting requirements

Local authority customers can witness the speed of replacement of a lighting column in the event of collision damage during NAL's Street Lighting demonstration day on 21st February.

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"There's a good deal of synergy between our two companies. We are two Worcester firms coming together with complementary products to create a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance street lighting and sign lighting system for local authorities," Ryan Churchill, Sales Manager at NAL.

"Our off-grid street lighting columns conform to British standards, so they work perfectly with NAL's well-established retention sockets. Together, we can help improve safety and reduce traffic disruption in high-risk areas by vastly reducing the operational works required for new installations and post-collision replacements." Brandon Weston, Head of Sales and Marketing at Kight

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