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NAL Launch EasyWynd

Overhauling existing practices and optimise health and safety

In a bid to eradicate Health and Safety concerns associated with working at height, NAL has collaborated with a highly experienced traffic signal team leader to design and produce EasyWynd.

This revolutionary system facilitates the complete overhaul of historical working at height methods; typically undertaken when maintaining or installing applications on any highway structure. Developed specifically for the Traffic Signals Industry and in direct response to Health and Safety implications faced by engineers, EasyWynd enables works (customarily conducted at height) to be carried out at ground level.

Due to its unique and patented hinge design, the NAL EasyWynd System incorporates a 2-metre extension pole, to which a variety of applications including Wimag Repeaters, CCTV and Base Stations, can be mounted and then installed above any pole or highway structure. The extension pole is secured to a hinged arm, operated via an extended crank handle, which allows the thread to be reached. The low torque mechanism enables the process of raising mounted applications up to 2 metres above existing structures or lowering them to within 1500mm (for removal or maintenance purposes) from ground level. The hinge mechanism is mounted through standard fixing points using a U-bolt and can also be retrofitted easily, employing this method. Dependent upon the requirements of the installer and the type of application being mounted, the NAL EasyWynd System can accommodate round and square poles and both extension tubes are available.

In its utilisation, numerous benefits are afforded. EasyWynd removes all ‘working at height’ Health and Safety implications and provides engineers with a faster and simpler installation than previous methods allowed. Redundant requirements for access equipment dramatically drive down costs and in the absence of obstruction, road closures are unnecessary. Disruption to motorists and pedestrians is, therefore, minimised and timescales usually required for installation and maintenance purposes are reduced.

Ben Parsons, NAL Head of Business Development said, “It has been really interesting to work with Local Authorities and various clients to solve Health and Safety risks associated with ‘working at height’. EasyWynd has been developed in direct response to the issues faced, on a daily basis by engineers when maintaining devices mounted at height. We at NAL are extremely proud of our latest innovation and are looking forward to witnessing all involved within the Traffic Signals Industry, benefiting from the advantages EasyWynd affords.

EasyWynd is available now for specification, can be delivered on a next-day basis and same-day quotations can be provided. Click here for further information or email or call 01905 427100.

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