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X-Last Pencil Bollard

Wrekin View Primary - Telford

X-Last bollards draw attention in the form of an array of brightly coloured pencils outside Wrekin View Primary School in Wellington, Telford.

The bollards guard the kerbs on both sides of the road, running along the main entrance to the school in the middle of a large housing estate. The wide pavements have been divided into pedestrian and cycle lanes, allowing pupils a safe space to cycle to school.

Many have seen pencil-shaped bollards outside of schools, so you may ask yourself, what makes the X-Last pencil bollard so different?

It is likely that the previous pencil bollards you have spotted are made from cast iron. While that may sound robust, it makes them extremely unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

The injuries sustained from a collision with an iron bollard can be irreversible and potentially life-changing, making them unsuitable for vehicular segregation of footpaths and cycle routes.

The X-Last bollard, on the other hand, has undergone vigorous impact testing and has been proven to be passively safe, making it ideal for built-up pedestrian applications, such as schools. 

Furthermore, the unique material of the X-Last ensures that it rebounds to its original form after the most severe collision, ruling out the requirement to replace the bollard, which can prove costly to the local authority and disruptive to local residents. 

Overall, these bollards offer a robust and reliable solution, enhancing the safety of the school pupils.


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