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X-Last Hoop |

Skipwith, North Yorkshire

NAL collaborated with Rosehill Highways to provide a fully demountable solution for traffic islands installed around the village of Skipwith, North Yorkshire. 

The client, North Yorkshire County Council, required the islands to provide single-lane working chicanes as a means of traffic calming, encouraging motorists entering the village to reduce their speed.

The Rosehill Highways one-piece rubber traffic islands were manufactured to accommodate the RS76 NAL Retention Sockets, used to install the X-Last Hoop bollard. Once the islands are surface mounted to the carriageway, the Retention Sockets are operated easily with only a key and spanner. The pedestrian plug is removed to reveal the socket aperture which houses the bollard. Once in position the bollard is secured into place by tightening 2 retaining bolts in the side chamber. With the bollard secured the pedestrian plug is stored in the side chamber and sealed by locking the side chamber lid.

X-Last Hoop bollards were the ideal choice for displaying ‘keep right’ signage and reflective ‘give-way’ banding. X-Last bollards are the most durable, reboundable bollards available, capable of withstanding multiple vehicular impacts of any force, reforming to their original upright position within 30 minutes of even the most severe impact.

Coupled with the Retention Socket, this system is the most practical, maintenance free solution for any Highways infrastructure. The durability of the X-Last ensures no future maintenance. If the bollard should ever require demounting, the Retention Socket enables a simple, rapid removal, bypassing disruptive civils works with minimal traffic management.


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