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Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

A vehicular collision occurred at a Pelican crossing on the B4091, Bromsgrove, causing the knockdown of a traffic signal pole. This busy bus route, regularly used by commuters, falls under Worcestershire County Council’s management. They specify NAL traffic signal products to ensure the maintenance process is swift and efficient and causes minimal disruption. 

The traffic signal pole was easily removed from a NAL Retention Socket. This was completed simply by using a key and a spanner to loosen the locking mechanism in the Retention Socket’s side chamber. Next, the pole was lifted out of the socket, granting maintenance personnel access to the power cable feeding from the socket into the controller cabinet via the NAL Controller Cabinet Base. With the cable disconnected from the cabinet, the cable was pulled through the gland tray via the access door, with further access to incoming cables provided by the nearby STAKKAbox Modula access chamber. With the damaged cable removed, a new cable was fed back into the controller cabinet via the chamber and the gland tray. The opposite end of the cable can then be seamlessly fed from the chamber into the Retention Socket, which is positively ducted via the socket Duckfoot Bend base. 

With the new cable fed, the ColumnMATE, supplied by NAL, safely supports the new pole, enabling on-site personnel to connect the cable to the signal. With the cabling complete, the pole is housed in the Retention Socket and locked into place as quickly as the damaged pole is removed.


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