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SIS Pillar, Retention Socket |

Fareham, Surrey

Hampshire County Council specified the SIS Pillar Electrical Disconnection System to be installed with all new passively safe street lighting columns on the New Gate Lane West project in Fareham.

The road is a single-lane carriageway with no crash barriers and a 60mph speed limit. The local authority incorporated the SIS Pillar system into the project to comply with Passive Safety legalisation EN12767. This safeguards vehicle occupants and emergency service personnel at a traffic accident scene.

Each lighting column is installed with an SIS impact sensor; this detects the force of a collision and activates the SIS monitor board located within the nearby remote pillar. 

All volts to the impacted column are entirely isolated within 0.2ms of the impact, ensuring occupants of the vehicle and attending emergency services are not at risk of electrocution.

To simplify the replacement of knocked-down columns, NAL Retention Sockets were also installed. Damaged columns are easily removed and replaced in a fraction of the time, saving the local authority time and money. With no need for excavations, disruption to road users is minimal.


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