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Retention Sockets

Guardrail Replacement | Bath Road, Worcester

Worcester City Council selected to install pedestrian guardrail on Bath Road, a main artery route into the City of Worcester, within NAL 50 X 50 Non-illuminated Sockets. 

Not only providing a superior and simple installation (when compared to traditional methods) Retention Sockets allow for improved maintenance processes and swift removals, in the event of damage or equipment upgrades. 

Following a collision on Bath Road, the pedestrian guardrail sustained damage and council operatives attended the site to install a replacement.  Due to specification and installation within Retention Sockets, works were completed in just 12 minutes, with minimal traffic management required.  Eradicating the requirement for time consuming and costly civils excavation, both sections of guardrail were removed from the sockets quickly, with a key and spanner and then replaced, ensuring disruption to pedestrians and motorists was significantly reduced.

Worcester City Council were one of NAL’s early customers and have continued to specify this method of installation throughout the city, for use on many high-risk sites to accommodate equipment prone to damage.



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