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Retention Sockets

VMS Installation | Evesham

To simplify the installation and future maintenance of VMS signs, Worcestershire County Council utilised the NAL Retention Socket with Duckfoot bend.

A major benefit of the Duckfoot Bend is the swivel base which offers a full 360 degree rotation, allowing flexibility of cabling from any direction. Once the socket is installed there is no further requirement for costly and time consuming excavations.

With the civils work completed the VMS column can be installed. Once in the socket the column is secured simply by tightening the retention bolt inside the side chamber. The chamber is then sealed off with a lid which is locked using a specialist key.

If the column were to become damaged or new technology is available for updating, the column can be easily demounted from the socket for maintenance. While not in the use the socket is sealed with a pedestrian plug, removing any potential trip hazards.



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