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Retention Sockets

Signage | Discovery Quay, Dundee

Non-illuminated signs have been installed within a range of NAL Retention Sockets in the popular Discovery Quay area of Dundee. Selected to accommodate a variety of pole sizes - ranging from 76mm to 115mm - Retention Sockets were specified to house applications including road, direction and parking signs.

Sockets are installed with minimal excavation and with a reduced requirement for concrete, when compared with traditional methods. In addition, utilisation allows for the adjustment of signage orientation - achievement of which is impossible when installed within traditional concrete foundations. 

Retention Sockets can be installed prior to demand to avoid conflicting schedules between contractors and sealed with a pedestrian plug to ensure site safety. When ready for use, poles are secured into place and any subsequent removal is swift and simple with a key and spanner. This method eradicates the need for additional costly and disruptive excavation, in the event of damage or necessary maintenance. 

This has proven to be highly beneficial for our client as Discovery Quay is subject to high volumes of traffic and therefore, inevitable collisions. On-site maintenance times have been significantly reduced as have cost implications and consequential disruption to visitors has been minimised.


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