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Retention Sockets

Christmas Tree Installation | UK

Local authorities across the country have utilised the NAL Retention Socket to assist with the installation of Christmas trees.  

In some cases a socket has been installed to house the tree itself, as seen in Selkirk, Scotland. A 406mm diameter socket was installed at 1200mm deep to house the tree in the town centre besides the statue of Sir Walter Scott.

A similar example can be found outside of a St Johns Church in Walsall Wood, England, where a smaller 168mm diameter socket was installed. Photos below demonstrate how the retaining bolts in the sockets side chamber hold the tree securely in place.

Once the socket is installed the local authorities have a permanent solution which can be used annually. Furthermore, for the remainder of the year the Retention Socket can be utilised for other applications, including smaller diameter furniture with the aid of a Retention Socket Reducer.

Additionally some local authorities choose to segregate Christmas trees with a temporary guardrail to prevent the public from interfering with the tree and decorations, as can be seen on the university campus in Newcastle. The client required a demountable solution for their decorative steel railing and so NAL recommended 76mm Retention Sockets to house and secure the guardrail in place. The demountable guardrail allows on-site personnel to remove the railings for the installation and removal of the tree quickly and easily with only a key and spanner.


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