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Retention Sockets

Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday | London

Within the area of Whitehall in Westminster, TfL (Transport for London) have installed all traffic signals and other highways related street furniture in NAL Retention Sockets. One of the benefits is the quick removal of street furniture which is utilised annually for the Remembrance Sunday ceremony.  

On the morning of the event Whitehall is closed so traffic signal poles can be removed from the 115mm diameter Duck Foot Bend Retention Sockets. Electrical cables utilising NAL’s “plug and socket” system are disconnected from the low-level access door on the poles before the retaining bolts in the side chamber of the socket are loosened, releasing the pole from the socket. The pedestrian plug is then fitted, and the street furniture is stored off-site until the ceremony has ended. 

The iconic cast steel bollards seen around Westminster which run along the cenotaph are also housed in 115mm Non-illuminated Retention Sockets and are removed just as easily, as well as keep left bollards installed in 50x50mm Retention Sockets. This demountable system allows the entire site to be cleared of all street furniture within 30 minutes, creating the necessary space required for the attendees.

After the ceremony TfL can quickly re-install the traffic signal poles and reconnect the plug and socket power cables with ease. Cast steel and keep left bollards are also re-installed quickly and efficiently, allowing regular day-to-day operation of the highways to resume.


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