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Fast Foundation

EV Bay | Rapid Electronics, Colchester

The NAL Fast Charger Foundation has been selected and utilised within a “Rapid Electronics” car park in Colchester.

Working closely with Replenishh, an EV division within the Rapid Group, NAL supplied the foundation to install a Schneider fast charger dispenser.

This universal system utilises the NAL RS115 Retention Socket, selected with a duckfoot bend option for this installation, to provide a positively ducted connection to an access chamber, located nearby. Dispensers can be installed directly within the Retention Socket, however, in this instance, the Schneider unit was secured to a spigotted adapter plate and then installed, to accommodate the manufacturer-specific design.

Facilitating civils and electrical cabling works completion prior to the delivery of dispenser units; the NAL Fast Charger Foundation provided a simplified installation and guaranteed no conflict in time schedules between contractors, enabling adherence to strict time constraints. Whilst not used, cables are stored within the Retention Socket, which is then sealed with a pedestrian plug to eradicate any trip hazards.

The system has provided improved access to all utility cables for ongoing maintenance purposes and will allow for future upgrades to accommodate inevitable advancements in technology.


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